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NFL Flag Official League


NFL FLAG season is here!

Join us this spring for the first ever NFL Sanctioned flag football league in Geauga County.  The Geauga County Flag Football Association offers co-ed teams to girls and boys ages 4 to 14 years old. 

The NFL FLAG stamp of approval is the ultimate sign of quality. With 1,600 locally operated leagues and over 500,000 youth athletes, NFL FLAG is the largest, most recognized flag football organization in the U.S.—and the only one where players wear official NFL gear. Check for the logo or search for a league near you on the official website at


All leagues under NEOYS are co-ed and offered to boys and girls ages 3 to 13 years old of Geauga County. From beginners to seasoned players, all skill levels are welcome! Teams compete 5 on 5, with a maximum of 10 players on each team.


Your registration secures your spot on a team for the entire season, and each team receives official NFL gear, including jerseys, belts, and flags. In fact, NFL FLAG is the only flag football league that allows players to wear officially licensed NFL gear. 


NFL FLAG is a non-contact sport. There’s no diving, blocking, screening, or tackling allowed. Instead, to “tackle” the person in possession of the ball, the opposing team needs to pull one or both of their flags off. For a complete list of NFL FLAG rules, visit our website


Flag football is one of the fastest growing youth sports in the country—and it’s easy to see why. As a non-contact team sport, kids get all the physical, emotional, and social benefits of playing football, without the physical contact.  

But more than anything, flag football is pure fun—no matter your skill level. Teams compete 5 on 5, creating tons of engagement on the field at a fast-moving pace. 

Here’s why over 500,000 athletes choose NFL FLAG football: 

  • Nail the fundamentals: Whether you’re new to the game, a seasoned player, or interested in making the transition to tackle, flag football is the perfect environment to develop your skills and improve your technique. 

  • Convenient commitment: We know your schedule is already jam-packed. That’s why NFL FLAG teams practice twice per week to prepare for games each Saturday, which start April 24th and run through June 5th.  

  • Non-contact sport: Simply put: no contact is allowed—like tackling, blocking, and screening—making flag football the right choice for many families. Plus, no contact also means no bulky, expensive equipment. 

  • Accessibility: Everyone can play flag football. You don’t need a specific build or skill set. And with NFL FLAG leagues being co-ed, everyone can join in on the fun. 

  • Play like the pros: NFL FLAG is the only flag football league that allows players to wear officially licensed NFL gear.   

Please note: COVID guidelines from local and state health authorities, including social distancing and mask requirements, will be enforced.

Additional FAQs

Q: How are Individual Players Placed on Teams?
A: This is a league designed to keep schoolmates and friends playing together.  Therefore, individuals are placed on teams determined by school, a buddy request, grade and age factors.  Our goal is for each elementary and middle school to have their own flag football teams. Teams are formed using a combination of the following criteria (listed in no specific order):

School affiliation
A Buddy Request (We try to accommodate requests however, refunds are not provided due to an unfulfilled request)

Most teams will have 8-10 players.  If there are more than 12 players registered in the same grade/age division at the same school, those players will be divided into multiple "School" teams and then the remaining spots could be filled with players from other schools.  

Q: What if my child and their classmates do not have enough players to form a team? 
A: No worries! We will always try to keep classmates together but if needed we will combine players from other areas/towns to form your team for the season.  

Q: Do we accept team registrations?
A: No, but if everyone that registers request to play with one another, that is allowed.   

Q: How many teams can one school have?
A: It depends.  We will not turn any players away.  As many teams that can be formed from each school/area/town by age division will be accepted. Everyone who wants to play is welcome.  

Q: How many players are on a team?
A: Most teams have 8-10 players.  However, we do reserve the right to stretch these guidelines if the league deems necessary.  

Q: Does the league supply uniforms?
A: Every Flag Football player in our program receives an NFL reversible team jersey and a flag belt to keep with your registration.  

Q: Who are the coaches?
A: Parent volunteers. The GCFFA does not provide coaches. Training is provided for all parents who wish to be a coach. No experience is necessary.   

Q: Who are the Officials and are they qualified?
A: Most of our referee's are NFL Flag certified. We are always looking for referees so if you know anyone that is interested, email us. 

Q: How much playing time can my child expect?
A: All of our programs promote participation, fun, and fundamentals. Coaches are required to fairly allocate playing time FAIRLY among all players on the team. We will do our best to assure all players receive FAIR playing time.

Q: What do I get for my registration Fee?
A: A seven-week season including practices, NFL FLAG reversible team jersey, flag belt and flags, interactive website, organized administration, and a lot of FUN for you and your child!

Q: Are there playoffs?
A: Yes, for ages 5 and up there will be single elimination playoffs. Tiny Tykes division there will be no playoffs.

Q: What types of awards are given?
A: Each team that wins their division will receive a championship trophy. Runners-up will receive a medal

Q: Do all flag football players need mouth pieces?
A: It is absolutely mandatory that all players are wearing a mouth piece before stepping on the field.

Q: Do the shorts have to be pocket-less? Can we tape the shorts?
A: Yes, shorts have to be pocket-less and can not be taped. We can not and will not take the chance of a child's finger(s) getting caught in a player's pocket while trying to pull a flag.

Q: How do I register?

A: All of our registrations are taken online.  

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